What is Cryptshare QUICK Technology?

Cryptshare QUICK Technology brings a revolution to the security of your information in transit. It is a powerful innovation that addresses your real-world digital security needs effectively and enables permanent secure connections in seconds.

After activation, QUICK takes care of all passwords for the exchanges between communication partners, saving them valuable time while securing their transfers.

It combines convenience for users and security for data in transit and it empowers enterprises to connect with anyone they need to, customers, businesses, and suppliers using the most familiar tool.

QUICK eases ever tighter security pressures from your communication and enables those who need to share ideas and knowledge to do so instantly. 

Cryptshare QUICK Technology – save time, not passwords.

Learn how QUICK works

What is QUICK and how does it help me?

Why is password security so important?

Password security is crucial for your communication in the digital age.

It safeguards encryption for sender and recipient and therefore protects your data in all kinds of places.

Industrial espionage and professionally operating corporate hackers are constant threats all enterprises have to guard against, and password misuse and mismanagement is a primary cause of many data breaches.

However, establishing and maintaining password security always involves an extra manual effort:

Passwords have to be created and then shared between communication partners – for every single transfer. A truly laborious and time-consuming task. As a result, convenience for users often prevails over security of the transferred data:

Once an initial password has been established, in regular exchanges between the same communication partners it is very often kept for all future communication or used in multiple places.

Use cases:

For insurance companies, it is important to be accessible to their customers. Whether it is for claims or other enquiries, people need to be able to get in touch at any time. This goes both ways: When it comes to changes in policy or premiums, insurance companies need a reliable channel to contact their policy holders as well. Any such communication commonly deals with time-sensitive matters as well as very sensitive private data. It is paramount that insurance companies use a channel of communication that secures and maintains the integrity of the transferred data and quickly relays information to their communication partners. QUICK provides precisely that: a permanent secure channel of communication that is unlimited in terms of file size. Sensitive information can be sent bi-directionally, securely, and ad hoc. For users, no middleman or in-depth technical knowledge is required. With QUICK, enterprises can establish permanent direct communication with their customers by e-mail. Fast, clean, and cost effective.

For banks the secure and confidential exchange of sensitive data is crucial for internal as well as external communication. Loan applications, mortgage documentation, and credit scores are highly sensitive pieces of information, and customers and prospective customers alike want reassurance that their data is securely exchanged. Most solutions’ usability presents a road block to customers, effectively stifling communication between banks and the external world. QUICK removes this barrier. It empowers any enterprise to re-establish regular communication by providing a permanent secure connection that is unparalleled in terms of its usability: no user accounts, no additional software, no fuss. Customers can rely on the most popular and familiar tool to get in touch – e-mail. 

Increasingly automated technology contributes greatly to saving financial resources and streamlining work processes. Securing automated processes, particularly when dealing with sensitive data, is crucial for fully unleashing technology’s potential. In genetic testing, for example, medical devices can analyse samples and convert the results into data files. These files can be subsequently sent to a medical institute where they are automatically saved and assigned to respective staff for further processing. With QUICK, the communication of medical devices that deal with highly sensitive data can be permanently secured. By implementing innovative password security, QUICK buttresses the integrity of automated processes and fundamentally improves the spectrum of application by enhancing efficiency as well as auditability.  

What benefits does QUICK have?

Saves valuable time because:

  • No more arduous password management
  • No special infrastructure required for managing certificates
  • No keystores necessary
  • No admin necessary for activation, users can easily do it themselves
  • Quickly and conveniently activated at any time
  • Works closely with existing email clients

Saves money because:

  • No certificates required
  • No extra software needed
  • No extra costs for external users
  • Can be used on multiple devices
  • Establishes permanent secure connections
  • Saves everybody time

Further benefits:

  • Empowers your connections and intensifies the communication with your contact partners
  • Offers great potential for secure machine-to-machine communications between IoT devices in security-conscious environments

Why do I need QUICK?

made easy

For those who are looking to secure their communication and make it GDPR compliant, Cryptshare provides encryption and eliminates file size limits in an affordable way.

With QUICK, which is included in the newest Cryptshare version, security by design is elevated to a whole new level, making it easier than ever before to securely exchange information by establishing permanent secure connections.

No more password troubles

Once activated, QUICK takes care of the passwords for all exchanges between you and your communication partner.

Forever and at no extra costs.

Your data in transit is permanently secured.

made easy


  • QUICK is easy to use, and permanent secure connections are just a few clicks away.
  • You can activate it at any time, it is ready when you need it.
  • No admins or technical expertise required.

So how did we make Cryptshare more suitable

and convenient for repeated exchanges between the same communication partners and resolve the problem of security for data in transit?  With QUICK technology of course. Since Cryptshare does not require working with user accounts or certificates, we wanted to keep our existing cryptographic approach – and we have.

QUICK uses a first-time single-use password and for all subsequent instances of communication between sender and recipient fresh credentials are used without the users needing to do anything more.

It eliminates the need to exchange new passwords between sender and receiver each time a transfer is made or to rely on static key pairs which are eternally vulnerable. Now with QUICK these encryption credentials are automatically generated on the sender side and can be automatically determined by the receiving computer, so users don’t have to deal with passwords anymore once QUICK has been activated.

Once this permanent secure connection has been established, it is suitable for sharing information of any kind and size securely. Users no longer need to remember or use passwords for future transactions. They can activate QUICK on their own, no deep technical understanding is necessary.

No help is needed from their IT administrators nor are any special IT requirements required to be met.

Cryptshare is suitable for all skill levels and all staff.

As a result:

  • costs are dramatically reduced
  • implementation is quick and easy
  • the user experience is seamless
  • and the enterprise is more secure.

By combining security for data in transit and convenience for users, QUICK Technology revolutionises the exchange of information. All extra manual effort for users is eliminated.

All users need is a few seconds, and they are good to go.

How does it work with other technologies?

Cryptshare and by extension QUICK are designed to work closely with your existing email system since email is a universal standard and unlikely to disappear any time soon.

The known problems of email are solved by Cryptshare, QUICK provides the icing on the cake making use absolutely simple.

During the first transfer between two participants, a secret is automatically exchanged, which is used to generate an individual one-time passkey for all future transfers between the sender and recipient.

The recipient side can automatically derive and apply this password without having to exchange it with the sender.