The new challenges
with Microsoft

  1. Are you working with Microsoft 365, cloud file storage (OneDrive) or collaboration services such as cloud-based Exchange or SharePoint?
  2. Are you trying to improve that Microsoft solutions bundle with Azure Rights Management (ARM) or Azure Information Protection (AIP)?
  3. Do you need to secure critical communication methods such as MS Office files or Outlook emails through encryption?
  4. Are you concerned about the long-term costs of storage and cloud services when there is “no going back to the old ways”?
  5. Are you confident that your customers, business partners and suppliers will comply with the same encryption approach that you select just because you ask?

Using a Microsoft bundle can be great if all your communications are with other business partners who are using also the Microsoft tools. But secure business communications often fail if your communication partners are not using the same tools, or if partners have selected other technologies.

With Cryptshare…

  • Email encryption is easy, direct, convenient and inexpensive regardless of your correspondence choices.
  • Secure file exchange for files of any size is possible, directly from your Outlook email interface to whomever needs them.
  • Sharing files to or from external communication partners securely is just like handling a regular email. No special licenses, no special infrastructure and no complicated set up is needed.
  • Your data can be stored in the Cloud of your choice or in your DMZ, whichever is most cost-effective, convenient and controllable for you.

4 Ways:
How Cryptshare
can improve
your Bundles

Aspects you have to consider by the use of Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft solutions are partly home-grown, partly purchased and currently not well integrated.
  • Workflow for users is pretty unclear with functional overlaps (SharePoint/OneDrive).
  • High level of admin know-how required to operate the products.
  • Branding possibilites are very limited. Technically, you always need to access Microsoft systems.
  • Cryptshare provides unified audit trail and archiving capabilites for emails and files.
  • Cryptshare provides APIs to integrate secure email and file sharing capabilites into existing solutions.
  • Microsoft owns all keys to data unless you choose the BYOK (bring-your-own-key) option where an expensive hardware module has to be placed in the MS data center.
  • Microsoft solution is cloud-based only. No on-prem options available or being abolished.
  • Microsoft aims at single vendor lock-in.

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