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Cryptshare is innovation to protect your information when most at risk. We all need to send messages and data in our daily business. However, we face many limitations, as soon as data is in transit:

  1. Protection of data
  2. File size limitations

Our solution solves these in a very effective and user-friendly way. It brings many other benefits including:

  • Detailed audit trail
  • Compliance with central data protection regulations
  • Great potential for automating business communication

It is also inexpensive, easy to implement, and accessible from any kind of device with a browser.

Reliability For Your Admin

Remove barriers! Don't force your admin to use outdated systems and support them in empowering users to communicate securely.

1. Secure all data in transit
2. Low operation effort with easy setup, configuration, and maintenance
3. Fits the cloud IT strategy (also available on-premises)

Reliability For Your users

Enable your users to do their work quickly and safely instead of being prohibited by legacy systems and complex access rules.

1. Bidirectional ad hoc availability
2. Secure email and large files in one step
3. Ease of use by seamless integration in existing tools and workflows

Reliability For Your Management

Support your management in pursuing modern IT strategies while complying with legal requirements.

  1. Low costs of purchase and operation keep you within your budget
  2. Complete audit trail for all inbound and outbound data communication, and protection of all content and metadata
  3. Enforcement of compliance and legal requirements with ease

Your one-stop shop solution

Service exclusively available through partners!

What's included:

  • CS Server reliable uptime 99%+ **
  • Technical setup
  • Integrating your own CI
  • SSL certificate
  • All mailboxes in licenced domains
  • OTP transfer via SMS Gateway (only in Outlook)
  • Update service **


  • Roll out, customisation, administration *
  • Installation and update service of Cryptshare Mail Gateway complying to NTA 7516 **

* By partner
** By our hosting partner