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Archiving of data is demanded by numerous laws and regulations, above all by GDPR. The Cryptshare archiving and DMS interface allows you to work with your existing archiving and document management systems.

All data that is transferred via Cryptshare - inbound and outbound files and messages - can be handed over to your archiving or DMS system in plain text and stored or processed there.

The transmission can be done via Secure Copy Protocol (SCP). The protocol ensures the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the transmitted data. The interface can be implemented easily and quickly and thus guarantees smooth data processing.


How the Cryptshare Archiving Interface works

The Cryptshare archiving and DMS interface allows the administrator to define a location on a file system, either on any other server that is reachable via the network by the Cryptshare Server (recommended) or directly on the Cryptshare Server (not recommended). To connect to this file system location, you can use Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) or a file system connector (e.g. map a drive on the local or a remote computer via the operating system).

Information that is uploaded by users to the Cryptshare Server will be copied to that file system location after it has been completely uploaded and scanned for malware, but before it is being stored encrypted.

Each transfer will be located in a sub-directory using the unique Transaction ID of the transfer as directory name. The original is then stored encrypted on the Cryptshare server, from where the recipient can retrieve it for a limited period of time. You can configure your existing archiving and DMS solution to import, archive and /or process the files from the location that Cryptshare has placed them into. Depending on the configuration, either the archiving system, the DMS or Cryptshare will delete the archived files from there after processing.

If you do not have an archiving solution that can automatically load files from a file system, you might use the file storage location itself as a simple archive.

Data integrity – be in control of your data

The fingerprint for your documents

For each incoming and outgoing message or file, Cryptshare creates a checksum, a fingerprint so to say, by using the SHA-256 hash algorithm. Each checksum is stored in the log of the Cryptshare server and in your archive and/or your DMS. The checksum is unique for any particular text or file. If someone changes only a single bit in a file that was received from the Cryptshare Server – even if it was just a full stop or a comma - the checksum changes and the difference can be proved.

Even more traceability

With the help of the data stored in the log such as time of dispatch, sender, recipient you can determine if, when and to whom a file such as an invoice for instance or the confirmation of an order was sent. With the checksums of the documents, the traceability goes even further: You can now provewhether a file on the sender or the recipient side is identical to the file which was originally transferred with Cryptshare.

Your data well under control

Is the checksum, or - to stay in the picture - the fingerprint of a document is identical on the sender’s and the recipient’s side, then they are holding the same document in their hands. Are the checksums different from each other, this means that the originally sent document was altered. This function elevates the level of security in companies. Users can now clearly prove or disprove the integrity of transmitted documents.

What about your email encryption or EFSS solution?

Are they capable of doing the same?!


Small or big – Cryptshare archiving and DMS interface works perfectly with most archiving and DMS solutions, manages all data sizes and helps you to be in control of your data.


Protecting your confidential data with the help of Cryptshare from unauthorised external parties, but archiving it and/or handing it over to DMS systems internally for further processing will not only save you money but a lot of time and nerves.


Easy implementation guarantees smooth data processing - Archiving and transmission of incoming and outgoing files and encrypted emails to your DMS have never been easier!

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