The customer and their challenge

The Robert Koch Institute is Germany’s public health institute. Its mission is to protect and improve the health of the population.

The institute has to collect and process COVID DNA sequences from 180 laboratories across Germany. It would cost a lot of time and money to perform this manually. As the pandemic requires fast action, an efficient automatic way had to be found to transfer the large amount of data.

Fully automated transmission of large amounts of data

  • 180 laboratories
  • each send one sample with 500GB
  • 90 terabytes (90,000GB) daily

The solution

Thanks to the unique technology in the field of automation, data can be transfered easily and securely:

  1. The laboratories collect and analyse COVID test result data.
  2. As soon as new data is available, it is automatically and immediately imported into the RKI‘s systems. No manual acceptance of files by individual employees is needed.
  3. The RKI further processes the data automatically.

The result

The Cryptshare Robot simplifies and accelerates collaboration at RKI as followed:

  •  Automated and secure transmission of large amounts of data
  • Increases speed and efficiency in the work process
  • Secures communication with external partners
  • Seamlessly integrated into the IT systems



Exchange patient and medical data in a legally compliant way

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