Take measurements and make them available on site for further processing

The real estate management company orgacon is a service provider for the housing industry, the real estate sector, for architects and residential property managers. The company relies on Cryptshare to exchange large files

With Cryptshare staff can share emails and files of any size securely and in an ad-hoc way with a detailed audit trail and a strong ROI. orgacon employees use it to transmit several gigabytes a day. They exchange building plans, floor plans, measurements, apartment plans for exposés, scans, AVA data, CAD data DXF/DWG/IFC (BIM) and contract data with specialist planners, customers and partners.

With the help of the Cryptshare web application or from their Outlook client, orgacon employees send large files, for example to housing associations, building cooperatives, property managers, auditors, banks, and many more. The ad-hoc dispatch via Cryptshare email makes it possible to collect and deliver data on the same day. Personal data can also be exchanged securely in this way.

Cryptshare‘s email data classification ensures even more security and convenience when handling personal data or confidential client reports. It can be used to divide emails and attachments into protection classes before they are sent, and then depending on the need for protection of the content applies appropriate policies. orgacon works with three classes: noncritical, confidential and strictly confidential. With just one click, employees select a protection class before shipping.

The convenience of transferring large files and reliably protecting personal data, saves time and money and are benefits that no other software solution provides anywhere near as well as Cryptshare. Because the solution was so compelling, orgacon has developed a new service product called: orgashare. It meets the special needs of small and medium-sized companies in the real estate industry for reliable and secure data transfer regardless of file size.

Exchange document classes:

Exchange document classes:

  • CAD data
  • AVA data
  • BIM process data
  • EML, TXT

Exchange with:

  • Housing cooperatives
  • Housing associations
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Architect‘s offices - Real estate groups