About LeoVegas Gaming

LeoVegas is a mobile gaming company with the goal to provide the latest technology for mobile gaming. Technology development is conducted in Sweden, while operations are based in Malta. LeoVegas offers casino, live casino, sports betting and operates several brands across Europe.

The challenge: secure communication

When GDPR came into effect, LeoVegas had to find a solution to communicate securely via email. Furthermore, automation possibilities were required for the encrypted communication. More specifically, a way was needed to send event-triggered emails including Excel files securely to customers.

An important selection criterion for the new solution was a high level of security including strong password protection. The solution needed to be user-friendly at the same time. If software is straightforward to use, it will gain user acceptance much faster, reduce training and make implementation easier. Therefore, it was indispensable to find a solution that works without keys or software installation for users.

Cryptshare is used for every transfer of sensitive data such as

  • Sending automated emails and attachments securely
  • Sending sensitive files to the police or auditors
  • Sending contracts to employees

Secure and automated communication

Cryptshare met these requirements and even provided additional benefits such as corporate branding of the Cryptshare Web App. Thereby, LeoVegas increases trust and user acceptance. Additional benefits such as logging and the limited retention period of all transfers convinced the team that Cryptshare was the best way to secure and automate their communication. After the quick and easy implementation, Cryptshare is now used in a variety of cases. 

To begin with, the mobile gaming company secured and automated part of their customer communication. Customers can submit access requests on LeoVegas’ website to get an overview of their gaming scores and credit balances. An email is triggered after submission, which sends an encrypted excel file with the requested information to the customer. The password to access the file and the email is sent separately via text message to the customer. LeoVegas’ Security Department also advises employees to use Cryptshare whenever sensitive information is exchanged with internal or external communication partners.

Increasing security and efficiency

With the introduction of Cryptshare, LeoVegas secures and automates communication processes at the same time. Employees can send sensitive files easily and quickly in a secure way. As a result of automating access requests, manual customer interaction has been reduced significantly. Moreover, LeoVegas fulfills central GDPR requirements with Cryptshare. Thus, the company gained in efficiency and security after introducing Cryptshare. Around 700 employees of LeoVegas Gaming use Cryptshare at the moment. As user acceptance is high, it is planned to expand the use of Cryptshare to other companies of the LeoVegas group.