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Cryptshare is a Secure Electronic Communication Solution that enables companies and their staff to exchange encrypted email messages and attachments of any size - at any time, with internal as well as external recipients and directly from your existing email system. There are no special software requirements for the recipients: no user accounts, no certificate exchange or licences are needed. Cryptshare makes it easy to communicate in complete privacy with everyone you need to, instantly, and at any time.

With Cryptshare your email becomes suitable for the challenges of a modern business. Due to its intuitive user interface and convenient implementation Cryptshare will be adopted easily and quickly by your users.

Plays nicely with your business environment

Choose the option that fits your needs the best:

Cryptshare web application

Exchange big files securely via your browser. All you and your peers need is an email account and browser. No user accounts or complex set-up required.

Secure email in Office 365 & Outlook

With the Microsoft Outlook add-in you are integrated to the Cryptshare server enabling encrypted messages and large files to be sent directly from Outlook.

Large file transfer and encrypted e-mail for Notes

Allows you use Cryptshare from within IBM Notes. Send encrypted messages and large files directly from your familiar working environment.

Automated secure file transfers

Using the Cryptshare APIs or Robot file transfers can take place as time- or event-triggered actions to single recipients or to distribution lists, depending on your requirements.

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