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Nils Fischer
Quality and Support Manager

Technical information about Cryptshare on Azure

In order to find the right server best suited for your needs, please consider the following questions:

  • How many transfers are expected per day?
  • What is the average size of a transfer?
  • Do you expect periods where the amount of data is at least triple the average? Do peak periods exist?
  • How many transfers could occur simultaneously?
  • Recommended disk space for the upload directory:
    [minimum upload directory size] = [average transfer size] * [average amount of transfers per day] * [retention period *1.25]
  No Peaks High Peaks
Low Average (one or two transfers at the same time) B2S and at least HDD B2S and at least SSD
Medium Average (up to 8 transfers at the same time) F2s_v2 and at least HDD B4ms and at least SSD
High Average (up to 20 transfers at the same time) DS3_v2 and at least SSD DS3_v2 and at least SSD
*If the average exceeds 20 transfers at a time, please get in touch with one of our BDMs to find another solution.

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