Security for data transfers meets compliance in archiving

Cryptshare has always been a secure digital transfer service for messages and files of all types and sizes. With successful partnerships and collaborations, we are continuously expanding our portfolio and increasing the benefits to our customers. By working closely with stanoc, archiving has been added to this ever-growing list. The proven and certified archiving solution is not only GDPR compliant, providing auditability, it also fully automates backups and updates. In addition, the archiving solution is scalable and suitable for companies of all sizes.

For staff, data availability in their everyday work is ensured for years, a big gain for improving compliance. The search for emails and attachments is enormously reduced, saving valuable working time.

In our collaboration with stanoc, it became clear very early on that not only were our solutions a great match that complemented each other but the companies behind them also worked together very well. For Cryptshare and stanoc, the focus has always been on the customers and meeting their needs, which is precisely why the following key benefits apply to both solutions:

  • Freedom to choose whether on premises or cloud-based
  • Low acquisition and operating costs
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy operation for administrators and users
  • Sustained customer support

Both solutions significantly relieve the burden of storage capacity on mail servers, which saves considerable business costs. In addition, Cryptshare as well as stanoc's archiving solution is platform-independent, meaning they work with any system, for instance Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or HCL Notes. Therefore, it does not matter which environment the customer uses or plans to move to.

Implementation? Quick and easy – even for upcoming migrations

With stanoc SWAP! customers also have the option of migrating from Domino/Notes to Microsoft – or the other way around. Their entire email database, including calendar entries, can be transferred without great administrative effort. Customers who want to effectively address the issues of secure data transfers and archiving straightaway do not have to wait until after their migration has been carried out but can get started immediately.

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