With this integration documents of any size are encrypted
and sent directly from the order process in SAP.

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The added value of the seamless SAP-Cryptshare connection

With the SAP integration from Cryptshare and SEAL Systems, documents of any size are now encrypted and sent directly from the order process in SAP. It is no longer necessary to use intermediate storage for files or to switch to another system - cumbersome work steps which can now be eliminated. As a result, Körber Pharma now saves valuable resources and costs. User acceptance is very high due to the ease of use, i.e. the elimination of unpopular search and sorting tasks, resulting in saved time. The connection also effectively contributes to risk minimisation, and potential industrial espionage is prevented by encrypting the data.

Körber Pharma can thus ensure the protection of confidential information and comply with legal regulations such as the GDPR.

Developer: SEAL SystemsCategory: ERP