Send personal data thanks to Cryptshare directly out
of your Document Management System Alfresco.

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DMS OPEN.satisfaction & Cryptshare integration

OPEN.satisfaction and Cryptshare have combined their knowhow to help customers to send automated email batches. Customers have been able to save considerably on various factors thanks to the integration.

Thanks to the automated secure email process with Cryptshare, customers of OPEN.satisfaction are now able to send personal data on a regular basis in a secure way. The content of the documents in Alfresco (DMS system) is automatically sent to the recipient after modification (trigger). The recipient receives the password with a 2Factor Authentication (SMS). This gives the recipient the ability to download the email in a secure and easy way. 

The automation of this process has increased efficiency in many different areas. The chance of making mistakes has been minimized. Additionally, users save time as it is no longer needed to mail each person individually to check altered documents. With this efficiency increase, it is now possible for users of Alfresco to run this process automatically and safely, and use their time more efficiently.

Developer: OPEN.satisfactionCategory: Document Management System