Secure Email

  • Encrypts: Attachments, Text, and Subject Lines
  • Secured Using AES and TLS Encryption
  • Complete Integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes

Large File Transfer

  • No Limits on File Size
  • Easy to Use Web Interface
  • Automation via Script or API


  • Full Audit Trail
  • Maintain Control Over Exchanged Data
  • Files Scanned for Malware

Easy To Use

For Employees and External Contacts

The Outlook add-in lets you send large files and secure e-mails directly from Outlook.

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The IBM Notes integration makes all features available in your familiar work environment.

More about our IBM Notes integration

Users and their external communication partners can use Cryptshare via browser.

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How Cryptshare works

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More than 4.0 Million Users And Growing!

Customer Feedback

What our customers say about Cryptshare:

"Like many specialist engineering companies we exchange files with customers, suppliers and partners very often. By using Cryptshare we reduced the effort and the cost for these file transfers significantly. In addition Cryptshare increased safety and security of the content of the files compared to the previous use of e-mail. The very easy-to-use interface makes user acceptance of Cryptshare very fast and the acceptance of Cryptshare is so good that even in-house file transfers are now made via Cryptshare."

Klaus Knayer, CIO
Recaro GmbH & Co. KG

"Searching for a secure way to transfer large files I discovered Cryptshare. The solution instantly drew my attention because it addressed all our requirements. We started with Cryptshare in the Netherlands. Based on enthusiastic responses from our users we have now deployed it throughout Europe. For us it is a far better option than FTP or sending confidential data via couriers. We can exchange files with our external partners who get access to the files we sent them via a user friendly branded interface in the browser."

Jeroen de Zwart, Senior Network Engineer

"Having looked at several solutions we found them mostly very complex or too expensive. Finding Cryptshare we saw how it could solve many of our compliance and security needs. The fact that it also reduced the load on and costs of our e-mail services was a bonus. Cryptshare is really simple to use which was important for us as it allowed us to deploy the solution fast and without training. If a user can use e-mail then they can use Cryptshare. I would strongly recommend any business to try it."

Angus Macrea, IT Security Manager
Cornwall Council

Blog & News

On Cryptshare and Secure Electronic Communication

  • 08.01.2019

    Top 3 data and security breaches to avoid in 2019

    In the past year, many hacking attempts were detected worldwide, and many of them were successful. Data security is becoming more and more important in an increasingly digital world. However, all too often it is still very easy for cybercriminals to pursue their illegal activities, even though many flaws in IT security could be prevented rather easily.

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  • 13.12.2018

    Password transfer options broadened with Cryptshare’s new SMS gateway feature for Office 365

    Cryptshare users can now transfer passwords to their recipients in a new and very easy, quick convenient way via SMS message – from within their familiar Office 365 work environment.

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  • 06.12.2018

    Outlook on IT security in 2019 and beyond

    IT Security Association Germany, which befine Solutions AG has been a part of for several years, hosted their TeleTrusT member conference in Berlin 29-30 November. The event was centred around IT security and featured lectures from the world of politics and business. Afterwards delegates came away not only with interesting assessments for current developments, but also with exciting outlooks on the future.

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