Development and manufacturing departments work on very large files such as blueprints, CAD files, or program codes. These are often exchanged daily with internal and external project partners. It is important that confidentiality is ensured in order to prevent industrial espionage and protect sensitive information such as new product developments.

  • How do you exchange up-to-date development statuses with project partners? Can you also share files in the terabyte range simply and quickly with external communication partners?
  • How do you protect your latest developments and business-critical files from industrial espionage? Do you have a user-friendly solution to prevent employees from switching to other tools and creating shadow IT?
  • Can you also communicate ad hoc and bidirectionally with external project partners?

The solution

With Cryptshare, you communicate quickly, easily, and securely with all
your project partners:

  • File size limits in common email clients are eliminated. You can set these according to your own requirements.
  • You can send encrypted files and messages directly from Outlook. With encrypted transmission you can prevent industrial espionage.
  • Fast ad hoc exchange with external project partners. 
  • Integration in ERP systems for sending emails with attachments e.g. orders, CE certificates, material standards, etc.

FAQ from development departments



How is Cryptshare different than other products and providers of services for web-based secure file transfer?

Cryptshare is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Cryptshare is under your control, in your data center or hosted as a private cloud service. It can be used as your company‚Äôs portal for exchanging your files with your partners. Cryptshare is not a public cloud-based file sharing solution but a business server product running under your control. This makes sure that sender and recipient have access to the Cryptshare server URL and are not blocked by their firewall or filter systems from accessing the system. Also you can be sure that no one can read your data but you. There is no backdoor for lawful interception as with many cloud services.
  • Consistent encryption without having to exchange certificates or software in advance.
  • No user accounts. No time-critical creation of accounts, no resetting of forgotten passwords, no deletion of unused accounts.
  • No cost for external users, no matter if they send or receive files.
  • No limits or costs for transfer volumes (apart from ISP cost).
  • No limits or costs for bandwidth (apart from ISP cost).
  • No storage cost in Cryptshare. Only the cost of physical storage you allocate applies.