Cryptshare Version 4: Security while on the go. Exchange information and files instantly via an even more evolved system thanks to Responsive Design and the 64-Bit Upgrade.

We are starting 2018 with a further highlight in addition to the update for Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook. We are proud to announce the new Cryptshare version 4.0 with key new features including the modernized Cryptshare Web user interface allowing app-like use on mobile devices and also a 64-bit upgrade.

Cryptshare on your Smartphone, Tablet, Phablet... - file exchange on the go without any app installations

From now on the Cryptshare web application will adapt itself to the resolution of the end devices that you use. That means you can easily send and receive confidential emails or files from your Smartphone or tablet. Our developers have paid special attention to the usability for mobile devices. Improving the workflows makes using the Cryptshare Web application even easier and faster than ever before. It can be used on all Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, phablets and of course on full-size notebooks as well as desktop computers at any time to anyone from anywhere.

"It looks and feels like an app."

One of our customers is very enthusiastic about the new version: "It's really fun to send data with Cryptshare via a smartphone. It looks and feels like an app." Cryptshare users can now place a Cryptshare icon in their app selection on their mobile device. The user can access the Cryptshare Web application via their standard browser after tapping on the Cryptshare icon. A newly designed user interface is waiting for them, which can be comfortably navigated with a mouse or with your fingertips. With less text and more meaningful icons, it is now easier to use regardless of the language settings. Cryptshare Version 4 offers the convenience of an app and it even looks and feels like an app - but it isn't. Neither sender nor receiver have to install a separate software and Cryptshare does not take up any storage space on your smartphone doing exactly what we created it for: transferring sensitive information and large files securely.

Instant and safe communications on the go

Speed is a decisive requirement for ensuring success in day-to-day business, regardless of product or industry. Whoever is the first to deliver - be it a product, service or information - is one step ahead of the competition. With Cryptshare version 4.0, it is now possible to exchange data and information on the go, instantly and securely even outside the office.

Some uses are for example, an architect quickly sending high resolution pictures from a construction site back to the office so that the colleagues can continue their work and adapt to and overcome issues on site. Or your CEO on a business trip needing a second opinion on a sensitive document before signing a contract can gain feedback at short notice. Or the tax consultant needing a salary statement as soon as possible can receive this on the go, securely. Or the marketing manager needing feedback on the new product logos and marketing videos can share these and gain feedback. Or the HR department needing to decide which three applicants to invite for interview can share the sensitive supporting information together wherever they are. When employees need to send or receive confidential information or large files at short notice, Cryptshare V4.0 is the solution.

Convenient administration and configuration options

With the "Web Application Designer" (formerly called "UI-Designer"), administrators can easily create a UI design in the admin interface of the Cryptshare server using their own corporate design and branding. The web application is now based on bootstrap, which simplifies customization across all end devices so that if a Cryptshare Web application was previously created with an earlier version of the UI Designer, it will be converted automatically, and a basic version of the updated Web application will be available immediately.

There are two ways in which the design of the Web application can be individualized. The fast approach is to have the admin select two color values, upload the logo, a header image and a background image or a background color. Admins also have the option to upload image files and create their own CSS. The second option offers the benefit of being able to customize the Web application so as to conform with the corporate design and brand of the company. The navigation has also been made more user-friendly. Admins can now make additions to and create their own subpages as links to their own manual, data protection regulation documents, support pages and so on.

More power for virtual appliances

With Cryptshare Version 4 we have added even more capabilities: A 64-bit upgrade of the Linux distribution is now available for Cryptshare appliances. The 32-bit version of openSUSE Linux is no longer supported. The advantages are that Virtual use can be further upgraded, more memory can be allocated and thus performance can be further increased if required. The distribution upgrade can now be performed via the administration interface on the Cryptshare server. This is easier and quicker than the previous method via the console. Future versions of Cryptshare Server will introduce additional new administration options in the operating system. This means that access via the console will become unnecessary in the future.
Cryptshare has never been easier, more comfortable or safer than it is today. We are delighted to provide you with the best Cryptshare version ever and invite you to try it now. We are looking forward to your feedback. Tell us about your Cryptshare experience via smartphone. Address your feedback to Subject: "Cryptshare V4". We look forward to receiving your feedback and will be raffling off a Cryptshare T-shirt (please don't forget to mention your size!) to one of the first ten submissions.