Matthias Kess, CTO of befine Solutions AG, gave an interview for the October 2018 issue of Krankenhaus-IT Journal on IT security in healthcare. The main topics of this conversation were communication processes and data protection regarding medical facilities and patients.

IT security and data protection in healthcare are key concerns, since both deal with highly sensitive patient data. Therefore, flawed IT security and improper transfers of patient data frequently result in data breaches that have serious consequences. And this can happen all too easily.

Shadow IT” in healthcare is a widespread phenomenon: According to Matthias Kess, two out of three doctors have sent patients’ data via SMS or WhatsApp to get the second opinion of a colleague quickly. ‘However, particularly in the medical realm it is imperative that all facilities need to have efficient risk management and prevent sensitive personal data from ending up in the wrong hands’, he said. Plenty of reason to look for a secure communication solution for the exchange of sensitive data.

Due to digitisation in healthcare and GDPR, service providers in healthcare face extensive measures that they need to implement for compliance with legal regulations and the most recent requirements for data protection. Cryptshare is in accordance with defined security guidelines with many required features such as protective e-mail classification. Additionally, Cryptshare can be operated with very little administrative effort or training and it presents an affordable solution in times of tight budgets.

A deciding factor for security however is the tension between security and how easy normal users find a solution to use. Even the best solution is of no value if users do not use it. By being in a constant and engaged exchange with IT administrators and CIOs, Matthias Kess and his team have a lot of experience and great insight into what the modern requirements for IT security are. As a result, over the years Cryptshare has continuously and successfully been adapted to customers’ requirements and embedded into employees’ workflows especially in healthcare. Kess adds: “Ease of use and security don’t have to be at odds with each other.”

You can find the link to the video interview with Matthias Kess with KH-IT Journal here (in German).

A special thanks to KH-IT Journal for the fruitful exchange!