No front door Mr. President, please!

We recently commented on NSA-Director Michael Rogers thinking about creating ‘front doors’ to encrypted digital data on phones, in emails etc. for authorities. Now top tech companies including Apple, Facebook, and Google signed a letter to US President Barack Obama to "reject any proposal that companies deliberately weaken the security of their products."

Unconnected with this our CEO Mark Forrest was approached by the British government on a similar topic. Read more about this below:

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May I read your e-mails Mr. President?

Apparently hackers have gained access to Barack Obamas e-mails. We wonder if this would have happened with Cryptshare in action and want to talk about why even government authorities and big companies sometimes lack the proper security when it comes to e-mail encryption.

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Award winning technology?

A British county council becomes paperless combining standard software and using Cryptshare - and makes it to the finals in the MJ Awards 2015.

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NSA plans a new future for data encryption

The NSA and other government funded authorities have been discussing how they can work with the encrypted data of private persons and companies. Leaks and spying scandals have increased the awareness for the need to encrypt data and with it greater efforts to secure communications have been made. This in turn makes law enforcement more difficult when it comes to accessing digital data and communications. However the NSA argues that to prevent threats to the nation they need access to all communications. NSA-Director Michael Rogers proposes the solution is to create a master digital key with several different pieces creating "front door“ access to all digital devices for the authorities.

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"FREAK Attack" security issue does not affect Cryptshare Servers.

A wide-spread security issue has recently been become public under the name "FREAK Attack". The issue does not affect Cryptshare Servers.

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"JetLeak" security issue fixed for Cryptshare V3 Servers

The issue that has been made public recently has been fixed with Cryptshare Server v3.9.1.1 which is available for update as of now. An update to this version is strongly recommended. For details, please refer to the release notes in the login area of our website or in the Update screen of your Cryptshare Server.

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"JetLeak" security issue affects Cryptshare V3 Servers - fix will be released shortly

A security leak in Jetty Webserver has recently become public. Cryptshare Servers are affected. A fix will be available shortly.

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Heise Security chief editor says: "Let PGP die!"

The chief editor of the Security branch of the German IT publisher “Heise Verlag”, Jürgen Schmidt, calls for new approaches to encryption of e-mails and the need for a more modern successor to PGP in an editorial. Is there already a more suitable alternative for everyday use though?

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Easier to use and even more secure - Cryptshare V3.9 released

Cryptshare is now available with a new HTML5 based upload mode. This new mode allows you to transfer files larger than 2 GB without any Java or Flash in your browser. Thus, Cryptshare has become more user friendly and secure than ever.

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Is the end of encrypted communication coming soon?

Following a spate of terror crimes world leaders are discussing the question of whether encrypted communication should be prohibited for the benefit of terror prevention. Will this lead to a government-mandated end of encrypted communication?

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