Shellshock Bug: Fix available

The recently detected “Shellshock” bug in Linux operating systems could affect Cryptshare 2 Servers. A bugfix is available now to resolve the issue which should be applied to all Cryptshare 2 and Cryptshare 3 Hardware and Virtual Appliances.

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Declining Trust in Online Data Safety can pose a Business Risk

Recent studies have shown that Internet users are increasingly unsettled and mistrusting when it comes to online data safety. With an increasing number of digital espionage incidents consumers lose their trust. This is not only bad for the Internet user but also holds a business risk for enterprises that have to handle and process customer data electronically.

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Industrial Espionage on Demand

When it comes to data security not only hackers and other criminals are potential threats for companies. The United States run an agency where national companies can request espionage of foreign companies when competing for public project for example. This so called Advocacy Center of the U.S. Department of Commerce serves as an interface between US-American intelligence services and companies. Its purpose is to improve the competitive situation for domestic industries internationally. While this can be seen as a positive approach for American companies it poses a threat for all foreign competing industries and calls for better protection of corporate communication and data.

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Cryptshare for Notes unter "den besten Tools für Lotus Notes"

Cryptshare Security Bulletin IX/2012-1EN


On Monday, 17.09.2012, the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) issued a press release in which it warns about a security vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Affected are the versions 7 and 8 running on Windows XP and versions 8 and 9 on Windows 7. As the BSI also states there is no security fix available from the manufacturer yet. However the attack code required for exploiting this vulnerability is already available on the internet. For this reason, the BSI assumes a rapid, wide-scale exploitation. Even an accidental visit to a malicious website may lead to an arbitrary code being executed with the privileges of the user on the system.

In their security bulletin dated 17.09.2012 Heise Online ( explains in more detail how attackers may exploit the security leak. According to Heise it may come to a complete loss of control over the affected computer.

If you do not want to use Internet Explorer until a fix is available for this vulnerability, we advise to alternatively use Firefox (version 2 or higher) or Safari (version 3 or higher) for file transfers via Cryptshare. There are no restrictions in functionality of Cryptshare when using one of these alternative browsers.


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