Is Cryptshare affected by the GHOST vulnerability in glibc?

A vulnerability that has been assigned the name GHOST (CVE-2015-0235) has recently been detected in Linux systems. Cryptshare Servers are not vulnerable to this problem.

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Dark times for secure e-mail?

The so-called “Dark Mail Technical Alliance” wants to make e-mail communication safer in the future and establish a new standard that goes beyond the capabilities of S/MIME and PGP. Is Dark Mail the future of secure business communication?

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Large e-mails paralyze mail servers.

Communicating by e-mail is convenient, fast and cheap. But when an e-mail is too large because of an attached file it can run into serious trouble. The city of Munich is the most recent example of this.

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Exchange large files outside the cloud

The US cloud provider Dropbox has expanded its range of APIs to make it easier for business customers to put files into the Dropbox cloud storage and manage access to the files located there. But is the cloud really the right choice for your business?

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E-Mail Encryption Made Easy

Yesterday a conference concerning the “Digital Agenda" was carried out in Berlin by the German Newspaper “Die Zeit”. In addition to issues such as the digital transformation of enterprises in Germany and the digital infrastructure "as the beating heart of a Revolution" it was also spoken extensively about security in the network.

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Poker playing in the Hall of Mirrors? Don’t let others look into your cards!

British intelligence agencies have for years spied on the communications between lawyers and their clients. So how to protect lawyers and their clients?

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Confidence in US Service Providers' Security down to just 2%

The German daily newspaper "Die Welt" recently reported in an article on findings taken from the Cyber Security Study that the Allensbach Institute has carried out on behalf of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems. The study shows a high degree of scepticism among executives about using US IT companies and providers of cloud services.

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The Danger of exchanging Data using a USB-stick

People and companies who want to exchange data usually are confronted with two basic problems. A: Using a proper email encryption system can be very complicated. B: Sending large files via email is often limited by the provider, software or encryption system. The alternative is to use a USB stick. But this isn’t without risk as recent developments show.

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Safe Exchange of Sensitive Data

The US-American Internet pioneer and book author Jaron Lanier has received the German Book Trade Peace Prize. Lanier criticizes the recent developments of the online world and the impending loss of control over freedom and personal data connected to them.

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The Cost of Cyber Attacks for Companies

Economic consequences of cyber attacks can cost firms up to several hundred thousand U.S. dollars. While there is a difference in the total amount between small and medium enterprises and big companies, it poses an economic threat that should not be underestimated by either one. But what are the expected financial damages and how can Cryptshare help minimizing them?

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