What is Cryptshare?

From the very beginning, we have designed Cryptshare as a secure digital transfer service.

As such, Cryptshare makes sure your data is protected at all points of risk on the journey from sender to recipient, meaning from the time it leaves the relative safety of your firewall until it reaches its intended destination.

When your data is in transit it is most at risk because this is precisely when it is most vulnerable to third-party attacks.
To secure your data exactly when it needs it most, Cryptshare has much more to offer than simply email security.

Powered by its many innovations, Cryptshare not only enables exchanges between individuals using email traditionally, but also facilitates communication for machine-to-machine and application-to-application use cases – challenges that every enterprise are facing.

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The latest releases

in 3 minutes

Cryptshare on German TV

13.05.2019 - Matthias Kess, CTO of Cryptshare, at "The Business Debate"

Email is like a postcard

Unsecure and readable for everyone - Why you should encrypt emails

In this video we talk about the importance of secure emails. Cryptshare is your expert in large file transfer, sending big files, data loss prevention same as secure and encrypted email.

This Cryptshare video compares the security of a common email with sending a postcard on vacation.
You will be surprised how much they have in common:

1. Readable: Everybody can read them freely.
2. Limited file size: Big attachments and long messages simply don't work.
3. Lack of control: You do not control the road from yourself to the recipient and you do not know what happens to your message along the way.

Cryptshare believes that there is a better way for digital communication and for this reason Cryptshare found a solution for digital security that everyone can use.

The functionality of Cryptshare as explanatory video

How does Cryptshare work? The answer in 2 minutes!

This short animation will show you how to send confidential messages and large files with Cryptshare.

You will learn where the Cryptshare server is located, what happens when a user initiates a transfer, how it is delivered to the recipient(s) and how the sender will be notified when his files have been downloaded.

Cryptshare Web App

Send Large Files with any Browser

Learn how to send large files and secure emails with the Cryptshare Web App

Responsive Web App

Responsive Web App - Secure emails and file exchange on the go

The responsive Cryptshare Web App works on mobile devices

Cryptshare for Outlook

Send and receive emails securely with Cryptshare for Outlook

In this video you will learn how easy it is to exchange encrypted email and large files via Outlook with Cryptshare.

Seamlessly integrated into Windows and Office

Multiple options to send data securely in Outlook with Cryptshare

Learn how to send documents securely via "Send to" context menu in Windows and share-panes in Office

Send transfer passwords in Outlook via SMS

Send passwords for protected emails via SMS

Learn how easy it is to transmit passwords in Outlook to recipients via SMS with Cryptshare

Cryptshare QUICK Technology

What is Cryptshare QUICK Technology?

Cryptshare uses onetime passwords to secure data on its way from a to b. This is very secure and easy to use when sending transfers to varying recipients.

If you send data to the same recipients frequently, Cryptshare QUICK Technology automatically manages onetime passwords between you and any of your recipients. All you need to do is to establish a QUICK Connection with them.

Once QUICK has been activated, you can send and receive transfers passwordless

QUICK Technology from a user perspective

Learn more about the benefits users gain by using the Cryptshare QUICK technology.

QUICK Technology from a technical perspective

Learn how Cryptshare QUICK Technology handles passwords and tokens in the background, so users don't need to.

Establish permanent secure connections in Outlook

Learn how to send and receive secure emails and files without passwords - With our revolutionary QUICK Technology

Secure communication with HCL Notes and Cryptshare for Notes

Cryptshare for Notes brings email encryption and secure large file exchange into HCL Notes.
It enables the simple integration into existing workflows of the user and does the untuitive operation without any need for training.

Cryptshare for Notes

Send and receive emails securely with Cryptshare for Notes

In this video you will learn how to send large files and encrypted email via HCL Notes.

Cryptshare on Microsoft Azure

How Cryptshare on Microsoft Azure works

Creating a perfect match for your IT strategy, Cryptshare can run on a Microsoft Azure server, benefiting from all its advantages.

Your company has less than 25 employees?

Use Cryptshare right now! - Without owning any IT infrastructure
With Cryptshare.express - Our cloud service