Secure file exchange via browser

The Cryptshare Web App is served directly from the Cryptshare Server and is included in all available Cryptshare licensing editions.

It is the central point of communication and can be used from any PC, tablet, or smartphone at any time.

All you and your external communication partners need to exchange sensitive data or large files is a browser and an email address.

The Cryptshare Web App is self-explanatory and intuitively to use - The user is guided step by step through the transfer process.
No training and support necessary.

Sending and receiving

Send Large Files with any Browser

Learn how to send large files and secure emails with the Cryptshare Web App

Screenshots - The senders side

Enter recipients · Add message and/or files · Set transfer options · Upload process

Screenshots - The recipients side

Download page · Read message · Watch images · Play MP3


Advantages of secure data exchange with Cryptshare

  • Encryption of email
  • No size limit for transfer of files
  • Documentation of all activity for compliance
  • No user accounts needed
  • No exchange of certificates needed

Delete uploads - Recall file transfers

Revoke transfers


Sent a file transfer to the wrong recipient?

This has happened to almost everyone. A real problem that can make every employee a security risk, especially if the data is highly sensitive and needs to be protected. Avoid accidental leaks or loss of information, such as 

  • business secrets
  • personal data
  • patient data or
  • construction plans

The revoke feature completes the protection package to prevent accidental loss of data.

  • Black- /Whitelisting to prevent sending to certain recipients in advance.
  • Password protection of sent files.
  • Blocking of access to files sent by mistake, even after the fact, with the revoke feature.

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