According to new WikiLeaks documents the US intelligence agency has also been spying on top industrial companies from France. Reasons for that seem not only to be geopolitical but also economically motivated.

The online publishing site WikiLeaks keeps on releasing insights on NSA espionage targeted at foreign governments and companies. This time it published documents implying that not only French government officials had been spied on but also top performing companies from France. Information that was gathered over several years by the NSA were mostly regarding companies that signed large export contracts. Among them were contracts for airplanes, nuclear power plants, high speed trains etc. For this the NSA apparently monitored and processed contracts with a volume of more than $200 million from various different industries like healthcare technologies, gas, oil, electricity, or telecommunications.

Beyond that the leaked documents imply that this information was also shared with other US-agencies and secretaries like for example the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of Commerce, the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of Treasury. This shows that the NSA not only plays a geopolitical role but also serves economic purposes as insights into foreign industries and their contracts can create competitive advantages. We already reported earlier about agencies in the US where national companies can request information about foreign competitors. Read more about "Industrial espionage on demand here.