Exchanging keys is yesterday’s news and with Cryptshare QUICK technology the bar has been raised to a new level for email security, handling of all content, ease of use and user acceptance.

Using Cryptshare for securing data during transfer companies can safely exchange confidential e-mails and files of any size, anytime and with a detailed audit trail. Cryptshare is being made even better offering a simple alternative to legacy email security solutions including S/MIME and PGP. Whilst these technologies have been established for many years they have failed to gain user acceptance and practical issues have prohibited use.  We are more than pleased to present a solution with which communication partners can permanently and securely exchange information - in a very simple way.

Without the help of the administrator - "Ease of Use"

"It must be easier," our developers agreed. Looking at the complex steps needed set up S/MIME or PGP requiring a high degree of technical understanding and for some users leading to a labyrinth without exit. Now an easy path is open with QUICK technology. With just a few clicks, a permanently secure connection with any and all of your communication partners can be set up. QUICK Technology handles the complexities in the background -  users don’t notice any of this.

How Cryptshare QUICK Technology works

During the first transfer between two participants, a secret is automatically exchanged, which is used to generate an individual and unique one-time password for all future transfers between the sender and receiver. The recipient side can automatically derive and apply this password without having to exchange it with the sender. Unlike widely used Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions the sender does not need to set up or impose any infrastructure to manage or maintain encryption keys. As a result, costs are dramatically reduced, implementation is quick and easy, user experience is seamless, and the most confidential data in your enterprise is more secure at the point of greatest risk.

Why QUICK is indispensable for companies

Password misuse and mismanagement is one of the primary causes of data breaches. QUICK technology solves the age-old problem of exchanging passwords used to protect encrypted files. Against the background of growing legal requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation and serious violations of customers’ privacy, such as Facebook's misuse of millions of user accounts, companies inside and outside Europe are increasingly looking for proven, market-leading solutions to guarantee privacy and protection against external threats now and into the future. Cryptshare has the superior technology, affordability, and track-record to take advantage of these market conditions and is becoming the secure email and file exchange provider of choice for the Fortune 1,000.

Testing innovation

We invite all enterprises needing to secure email and large files using proprietary security solutions, S/MIME or PGP and fans of SFTP to test the beta version of Cryptshare QUICK Technology at the RSA conference in San Francisco from April 16-20, 2018. You will have an incentive then to look forward to next year when we will release the complete version of the patent-pending Cryptshare QUICK Technology. Cryptshare QUICK Technology will be available across all devices, on desktop, tablet and smartphone as well as from Outlook and Notes clients or in your browser so you can benefit anywhere anytime and with anybody.

Cryptshare QUICK Technology makes it easy to exchange confidential e-mails and files of any size, anytime, anywhere permanently securely and with a detailed audit trail!