Recent data of the Radiacati Group suggest how the use of e-mail is going to develop in the coming years. With important implications especially for business users.

Estimated number of emails in billions sent daily in business context (dark blue) and privately (light blue bars) in the stated year.

In times of Facebook, WhatsApp and the like some people have already seen the end of communication via e-mail. According to recent data of the Radicati Group actually the opposite seems to be true. Currently there are worldwide around 90 billion e-mails sent privately and over 112 billion in the business context – every day. The Radicati Group estimates that these numbers will steadily increase in the next year by between 3%-6% yearly. Especially for companies e-mail still is a very important way of communication. It is fast, convenient and globally available.

We read daily about the demise of e-mail but the statistics tell a different story. E-mail is as popular as ever and its use is growing. That is not to say we do not use other communication channels, social media and consumer products, but if it is important and needs to be verifiable our first choice is e-mail.

An increase in sent e-mails as well as in transferred file volume poses one of the many security and economic challenges for companies today and in the future. On the one hand employees want and have to stay in their familiar environment of e-mail communication. On the other hand are solutions like S/MIME and PGP neither a user friendly solution nor do they solve the problem of large files that have to be transferred securely.

Just imagine if you could also solve those long term issues, sending large files and securing all your e-mails from prying eyes! Now that would be worth having.

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