Despite all the good advice we provide and receive on password best practice, management and good governance we still hear this question time and again; ‘What was that password again?’

We are all familiar with this question. When we want to enter a user account, a security portal or simply open an email from a colleague, and that password is sometimes elusive. So, the whole process of restoring and hopefully coming up with a more memorable and still secure password starts. Password managers can help. But which ones are trustworthy is hard to tell. When two communication partners share information using passwords it gets even more complex and mistakes are made.

When handling company sensitive data don’t leave it to your employees to manage passwords. Eliminate the threat of password mismanagement and learn about anew technology that simplifies encryption of files and email with a "first-time forever" password. Find out more at RSA.

“Where the world talks security”

With 700 speakers, 500 sessions and 550 exhibitors last year, the RSA in San Francisco provides again this year THE platform for top leaders, experts and start-ups to deliver the latest trends on IT security. This year’s keynote speakers will cover topics on innovation, AI, the history of technology, cyber bullying and gamification. Exhibitors will present the latest technological solutions, provide hands-on learning opportunities and demonstrate how they can help you better secure your organization.

A new technology that simplifies encrypted file exchange with a "first-time forever" password

To get the full story of QUICK Technology visit the most significant global information security event and come to Moscone Center in San Francisco. You will find our team at booth 3927/20 in the German Pavilion of the IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) booth from 16th to 20th April 2018. They will demonstrate a beta version of QUICK showing how easy permanent secure exchange of information via encrypted e-mail works. Unlike widely used Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions a sender using Cryptshare Quick Technology does not need to set up or impose any infrastructure to manage or maintain encryption keys. The QUICK system handles the (highly) complex computing process in the background so that the users are not aware of it and work in their usual IT environment only with a significantly higher level of security. Make an appointment with one of our experts for a live-demo at RSA here.

Follow Live-Hacking Sessions from your sofa

It is always worthwhile attending a conference in person but if you cannot make it to RSA this year take advantage of RSAC onDemand. Several sessions can be watched live or 24-48 hours after they occurred. Witness a doctor undergo a live clinical simulation of a hacked medical device. Or find out what Google has to say on ‘Empowering Employees with Security for the Cloud Era’. Why not follow Dr Hugh Thompson and learn about Hacking the Vote: How to Get Your Candidate Elected in a Few Simple Steps?

There is so much to learn and to explore at this year’s leading conference on IT-security. Tune in and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Google+ to get our findings and opinions on the latest IT-security trends.