A short statement from our CEO Mark Forrest about the vulnerabilities around PGP & S/MIME known under the hashtag #Efail - Cryptshare is not affected!

Mark Forrest, CEO befine Solutions AG - The Cryptshare Company

The most important first:
Cryptshare is not affected by #Efail.
You will publish more about this shortly. 

We should not forget SMTP is one of a small and select group of universal standards that underpin business communications.

Anybody who suggests that email is dead based on the current reported vulnerabilities of S/MIME and PGP is missing the point.

E-mail has and always had three well known and long standing weaknesses:

  1. Auditability
  2. Handling larger content and
  3. Security

This exploit highlights the long known need for business users to find better ways to secure emails their content, attachments and metadata.

Once these issues are fixed with products like Cryptshare email remains the preferred digital communication platform for all business worldwide. There is no doubt that social engineering attacks and significant breaches have occurred due to emails known security weakness, but this is not news.

Mark Forrest,
CEO befine Solutions AG - The Cryptshare Company