Nottinghamshire county council legal team wins ‘Legal team of the year’ at the 2015 MJ Awards by going paperless and combining standard low cost software and Cryptshare to revolutionise the costs of delivering court bundles.

Congratulations to Nottinghamshire County Council for winning ‘Legal team of the year at the MJ Awards 2015! By combining standard software and using Cryptshare to encrypt e-mail and court e-bundles the council’s legal services team has become fully digital, paperless and highly secure. The innovative combination of technology was proven with minimum specialist IT input and at little cost, saving time, paper (vast amounts) and significantly reducing costs putting Nottinghamshire among the finalists for the legal award. We are proud to be part of this exciting innovation and happy that their hard work is being acknowledged!

Read more on their model here.

The MJ Awards

The MJ Awards are open to all local authorities across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. For each category there are 3 judges who are leading experts from within that sector associated with the category.

The legal award

"Legal services are a vital part of a local authority. They help ensure services can be delivered, protect the public, encourage innovation and maximise efficiency. This award recognises council legal departments or consortia/partnerships of council legal departments which can demonstrate innovation and show real outcomes in terms of a better service for the authority and the public." (Source)

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