With over 7 million members, supporters, and activists, Amnesty International advocates for human rights and human dignity in more than 150 countries. A dangerous field of work, at times, where data security plays a crucial role not just for employees but for many others.

By worldwide investigations of human rights violations for decades Amnesty International has made critics as well as enemies. As a result, they have to expect to be under constant scrutiny and surveillance by dictators and organisations that are critical of them and their work. This has severe implications for data protection at Amnesty International. 

Their requirements and demands for data security are extremely high. “This goes further than GDPR”, said Ed van Velzen, who is responsible for IT at the Dutch branch of Amnesty International. “We have to handle personal information very carefully”, he added. 

For travelling to countries with high security risks, it is particularly important for employees of Amnesty International to not carry too much personal information with them that could jeopardise their personal safety. It could have grave consequences if certain people got their hands on such personal data, for instance regarding victims of human rights violations or regarding human rights defenders.

However, data security is only one important aspect in Amnesty International’s work. Another significant point is the exchange of data without file size restrictions. With regular e-mail, photo and video material often being above file size limits. In order to still be able to pursue their work, Amnesty International Nederland required a communication channel that could exchange information easily, securely, and ad hoc ‒ and independent of any file size limit. Cryptshare turned out to be the best fit for their communication solution

“With Cryptshare we can exchange sensitive information securely and in a user-friendly way via e-mail”, van Velzen said. Since Amnesty International will continue to pay attention to data security in their organisation, secure communication will be tackled more and more on a global level to ensure the same security standards throughout the whole organisation in the future, according to van Velzen. 

With Cryptshare, Amnesty International Nederland now uses a communication solution that has great potential for becoming the leading example for the protection of sensitive information and sending of large files. In the meantime, Amnesty International Nederland can focus more on their core work and they can communicate securely ‒ for the protection of human rights and human dignity.