product imageCryptshare Server incl.
Cryptshare Web application
product imageCryptshare for Office 365
& Outlook
product imageCryptshare for Notes
Email encryptionXXX
Sending files of any sizeXXup to 2GB
Encryption of subject lineXXX
Usage without preparatory knowledgeXXX
High user acceptanceXXX
No recipient pre-requisitesXXX
No user managementXXX
No exchange of certificatesXXX
Clientless operation in business useXXX
No user accounts necessaryXXX
Encrypted data transport of any sizeXXup to 2GB
Encrypted file storage on serverXXX
GUI adaptable to corporate designX-X
General ad-hoc availabilityX--
Low cost of purchaseXXX
Low cost of operationXXX
Operation in own data centreXXX
Self explanatory user interfaceXXX
Self explanatory admin interfaceXXX
Easy to setup and configure (1hr)XXX
Complete audit trail for all transfersXXX
Archiving is possibleXXX
Protective email classification-X-
Defineable retention periodXXX
MS Outlook add-in-X-
IBM Notes integration--X
LDAP directory integrationX-X
Download manager-X-

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