Your business exchanges a wealth of data
with customers, suppliers and partners every day. 

A large part of the communication takes place via email.

However, the information is often highly confidential or
the files are simply too big to send via email.

Send and receive

With the Cryptshare for Notes integration

4 million

satisfied users worldwide

in 30


2,000 +

Corporate customers

100 %

Communications security

Flexible and intuitive

Three modes of operation can be used in any combination:

Automatic mode

Set up server-side rules in your Domino Directory or using any third-party product that can apply rules to mail routing. Simply define which messages are to be processed by Cryptshare. If a user sends an e-mail that is being processed by Cryptshare the user will receive a notification.

Manual mode using the Cryptshare Icon

Users may wish to use Cryptshare even though policy does not demand it, for example if very confidential information is to be sent. In this case the Cryptshare Icon in the toolbar can be used. Clicking on the toolbar icon, the Cryptshare e-mail form will open allowing you to write your message, attach your files and set the options for your secure transfer, including the encryption of your e-mail message as well as the files to be shared.

Manual mode using a Widget

The Cryptshare for Notes Widget in the Notes Client's sidebar provides a third option to access Cryptshare. You can drag & drop files from other Notes applications quickly into the Widget, enter recipient addresses, subject, text and set transfer options very easily without having to leave the application you are currently working in.

Together these optional operating modes bring flexibility and strength to your IBM Notes system, but above all Cryptshare is very easy for your staff to understand and use. Administrators will love the fact that no changes need to be made to any standard database templates at all.

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